Isaac Magosi

(The extra pair of hands we could never do without!)

Isaac Magosi is another Fouriesburg local who comes from the community of Mashaheng. He adores animals in all shapes and sizes, and he is honestly one of those genuine, hard-working animal lovers and we are blessed to have him as part of the Cluny Animal Trust team! There is quite frankly nothing he won’t do to help out and he is always willing to learn. What we all love about Isaac is that he is always so enthusiastic, and he will help out not matter what the job is, and he simply gets on with it and gets it done…nothing ever seems to faze him!


Having worked with the Cluny Animal Trust for just over 2 years now, he goes to every outreach and he helps to dip and deworm animals. We recently found out that he has a flair for engaging with children and he is helping us to educate them as well as their parents about proper animal care.


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