Clarens Education Day

By Dr Marthie Kleynhans

Education Day

The Cluny team finds that educating kids at a young age is one of the most effective ways to prevent animal cruelty and to improve animal health, so on the 9th of April 2019 we went to visit the Tsepong Centre in Clarens. It was a wonderful experience and it was great to work with the kids. The kids ages range from 5 to 17 years of age. They come to this centre every day after school where they receive a meal and get assistance with their homework.

We explained to them how to take proper care of their pets and what to do when they get a new pet. We also wanted to show them that not all dogs are aggressive and that if you treat a dog with respect and love, then they love and respect you unconditionally. We brought two of our Cluny Stars, Martha and Bruno, to visit them. The kids loved to interact with the dogs. We showed them how to approach a dog and how to gently touch them and pat them.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to talk to some kids individually about how to choose the correct subjects at school to improve their chances of possibly going to university and to maybe study to become a veterinarian one day.

Education is key! We look forward to expanding our kids education program and to broaden their horizons.

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