Clarens Sterilisation Day

By Dr Marthie Kleynhans

Sterilisation Day

Cluny Animal Trust did its first sterilisation and rabies campaign for Q2 in the beautiful mountains of Clarens, Free State on 2 April 2019. During this campaign we got some help from Dr Ruan van Rensburg, CCS vet from Frankfort, who sterilised a total of 9 animals for the day. We also vaccinated about 60 animals against rabies and treated a little puppy with parvo. The puppy survived the virus with treatment and is very happy and healthy!

We also invited a few kids from the local schools who wants to become vets one day, to come and experience what vets do in the real world. They were very interested and asked a lot of questions. We explained to them the importance of sterilisation and how the pet and owner will benefit. We also explained how vaccines work and why it is important to vaccinate their pets. They also got a chance to watch us work with the animals and those with a strong tummy even observed us sterilising a patient. It is good to know that there are such bright kids who want to become vets one day!

Sterilisations and Rabies vaccinations are the two main services we supply to those in need! Unfortunately these services does not come without cost, so please donate and help to improve animal health in our local areas!
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