Cluny 2nd Hand Bookstore

Another awesome place of interest to add to your Clarens itinerary, or a new place to go if you are a local! Please add our 2nd hand bookstore to your list! Just as your drive into town, it is situated to the right of The Viewing Deck  restaurant, opposite Lake Clarens and it is a little treasure trove of used books and you can browse to your hearts content.

Once you find a book or hopefully a huge pile of books that you like, it is simply a matter of leaving a donation in the honesty box of what you think the books are worth (let your conscience be your guide 😃). All the funds raised from the bookstore go directly to the Cluny Animal Trust and help us to fund our veterinary welfare work.

Donating Books

If you have any 2nd hand books you would like to donate to us, we would love to have them no matter the genre…anything and everything is welcome and please could you drop these at our Clarens vet practice, please call ahead to find out when we are open.

Please do not take the books directly to the bookstore and just leave them, as there is no storage space and this causes a lot of stress!

If you are outside of our direct area but you would like to donate books please contact Imogen Tarita from the Cluny team on 082 335 3710, or email her – and she will chat to you about how we can get the books from you for the bookstore.

Also a special thanks to Chaz & Bless from Overcast Tattoo Studio in Clarens for lending their amazing artistic talents to paint the mural wall outside of the book shop, here is a picture of it so you know what to look out for, we hope to see you soon!

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