Aiden Jacobs

(Veterinary Receptionist & Admin Assistant)

Aiden joined the Cluny team in late 2022, as a temp to help us out.He honestly had very little work experience but his love for animals and his amazing IT skills meant that he took to the job like a ‘duck to water’. We offered him a full-time position and we were thrilled when he said yes!

He is a very fast learner, and we really like the fact that he is taking the initiative to get to grips with what we do.Even in the short time he has been with us he is capable of answering questions about basic pet health, products, foods and medication.

He is also the person to speak to when you need to schedule an appointment to see Dr Elsa in either Fouriesburg or Clarens.There is always so much to do just from a veterinary point of view and so we need someone who can handle everything else, and that person is Aiden!


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