(Theatre on Wheels)

Since 2014, Daisy has been a familiar sight in the eastern Free State area. You can’t miss her, she is striking white with blue and mauve Cluny Animal Trust logos, she is our very own Theatre on Wheels and the first of her kind in South Africa!


But don’t let Daisy’s understated lines fool you, there is an element of mystery that surrounds her…people often ask why we called her Daisy? In 2011 we were given an extremely generous but anonymous donation to build a state-of-the-art mobile theatre…the only condition given by the donor was that we call her Daisy.


We often like to think that as Daisy drives by, that whoever our guardian angel is that they smile and know that they did a wonderful thing and we will forever be grateful for this magnificent gift that allows us to take our veterinary mobile operating theatre and clinic directly to where it is needed most!


If you have a question or if you are interested in supporting us? Please email info@clunyanimaltrust.co.za – we would love your help!


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