Dr Elsa van Biljon

( Principal Veterinarian)

After an amazing 23 years with a veterinary practice in Durban, Dr Elsa was looking for an opportunity to come back to her roots and her family in the Free State.


It was purely by chance that she was on holiday in the area and heard about us. She called and asked if she could pop by to see our clinic, and meet the team, initially we thought she was just a visiting vet who was interested in what we do and how we do it. Little did we know she was looking to make a move. As fate would have it, we were looking for a vet. So, when the subject was broached that we needed a vet, and we found out that she needed a job…well the rest as they say is history!

We are thrilled to have Dr Elsa on board as a permanent fixture and a new addition to the Cluny family. As the saying goes…all roads lead back home, and we are super glad about that.


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