Dr Eunice Olevano

(Our Very Own Community Service Vet)

Dr Eunice Olevano is a recent and very welcome addition to the Cluny Animal Trust team. She joins us as the new CCS (compulsory community service) vet for 2021.


Having grown up in the Northern Cape, she is quite at home in a small rural community and she seems to have fallen in love with our part of the world already!

Dr Eunice really loves all animals and she says that she knew from a young age that animals would be in her future. So her future was decided early on and now her dream to work with and to help animals is coming true.

She will be working with the Cluny team and will be providing primary health care to the communities in and around Fouriesburg in our community clinic and of course in Daisy. Her work will also include sterilisations, vaccinations as well as educating the community on how to care for their animals.

Dr Eunice is super excited about her year with us and she says she plans to make the most of this year and she is very excited to work with her amazing mentor (we agree, Dr K is fantastic) and the Cluny team.

Welcome Dr Eunice, we are thrilled to have you join our team!

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