Helen Calder

( Our very own ‘Minister of Finance’)

Helen absolutely loves animals and she believes in working to make the world a better place! She is passionate about the ongoing sterilisation of animals as she has seen first-hand the benefits of the work that we do and the difference that it makes. Helen has been instrumental in the development of the trust and she has been with us since the very beginning.


During the week she helps out at Dr Katherine Barker’s (her daughter’s) Fouriesburg private veterinary practice and when she isn’t doing that, she is always busy working on the accounts and she is also responsible for banking donations and reconciling account statements and all that other fun book-keeping stuff.


In addition, Helen acts as one of the trustees for the Cluny Animal Trust.
Very well organised, she has a knack for keeping everything in order and she provides much needed administrative support to the entire team, because she will be the first to tell you that we aren’t great at the paperwork.
Helen is a dynamo (she honestly never gets flustered, even when the IT is acting up) and we often wonder where she gets all of her energy from…she is just one of those people who has an amazing ability to just keep calm and carry on!

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