Imogen Tarita

(A Volunteer that isn’t Afraid to Shake Things Up!)

Imogen joined the Cluny Animal Trust team very late in December of 2018. Although she runs her own successful training company in JHB, she has a home in Clarens, and this means that she spends a lot of time in the Free State. During a meeting with the Cluny Team at a market day she quickly identified that we needed a lot of help in the area of marketing, branding, promotions and fundraising.


While she has spent her professional life focusing on people, animals are really who are closest to her heart and her ability to see ‘welfare’ from a business point-of view allows a fresh take and a different perspective on what we do and how we do it. But it is her ability to get things done that continues to astound us all!


Imogen is a force-to-be-reckoned with and she never takes no for an answer. In just 12 months, she had rejigged and rejuvenated the entire Cluny Animal Trust brand and with her help we managed to get a much needed mobile office, completely redo our website, implement a quarterly newsletter, develop a proper database, drastically increase our Facebook and Instagram followers, launch and raise R100,000.00 with our first ever Sweepstakes (going into its 6th successful year), win an award at WODAC 2019 for having one of the best stands, increase the amount of monies made at all of our fundraising events, develop a proper corporate video, build 100 waterproof dog shelters (which included 100 proper dog beds and 5 kgs of food for each kennel) and she also managed to secure us a much needed x-ray machine, something we have been wishing and hoping for and she does all of this purely on a volunteer basis because she still has a company to run!


Imogen’s whole family have all become involved with Cluny Animal Trust in one way or another, and her daughter Hope regularly helps out with fundraising. In addition her wonderful husband Allan fetches and carries anything we need and he helps to run our thrift shop in Kgubetswana, Clarens once a month, with their amazing domestic manager, Joyce. As Imogen says, she and her family ‘do it all for the animals’ and we are grateful to have her and her family as part of our team!


Imogen is also an official Trustee for the Cluny Animal Trust.

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