Jeminah Mosikili

(Our Kennel Worker)

An amazing woman who works tirelessly to help keep our Fouriesburg clinic and our mobile operating theatre Daisy clean and organised!

Jeminah had worked with the Cluny team as a casual before so when we advertised for a Kennel Worker and we received her CV, we knew she was the person we wanted to hire!

She is dedicated and professional in every way and on top of that Jeminah is compassionate and pleasant to everyone, and all of the animals love her. In fact, all of the dogs in our care, always look for her when it is play or exercise time, they always enjoy their time with her in our garden.

She loves working with animals and says that is all she ever wanted to do and knew from a young age her future would involve animals in some way, shape or form and when the opportunity at Cluny came up, she said she knew that she had to grab it with both hands!


Thanks, Jeminah, for always having a smile on your face and for always offering to help where you can. You are someone we rely on so much and as a team we all truly appreciate all that you do to make our clinic a great place to work!


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