Pet Adoption Application Form

Thank you for your interest in adopting a cat/dog from Cluny Animal Trust instead of buying one from a backyard breeder or pet shop. Adopting an animal is a responsible choice because you are changing the life of the animal.

Please take the time to read the information – adopting an animal is for life. It’s a 10-15 + year commitment, not a few days, weeks or months. Make sure you are ready for this commitment!

NB – It is important to note that if you have other animals that we will require copies of their vaccination records as well as proof that they have been sterilised.

Please complete the form in full and send it back to along with the copies of your current animals vaccination records and proof of sterilisation.

Once we have received your completed Adoption Application form, we will schedule a home visit (this is not negotiable). When this has been completed you will be advised if your application has been successful.

To download the Pet Sterilisation Application Form please click here

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