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Are Your Pets Vaccinations 100% Up-to-Date?

We thought that this infographic was important because when we rehome an animal we go through a short but very necessary process.

First off, our Adoption Application Form needs to be completed and if you have pets (before we schedule a home check) we require the details of your vet as well as copies of the vaccinations records of your pets…this is where the rubber usually meets the road and we are quite shocked at how many people think that they only need to vaccinate a puppy or a kitten…not so!

Did you know that all of your animals require an annual booster vaccination as well as Rabies vacs (that is dependent on where you live)! In addition, it is vitally important that the vaccination card is stamped and signed by your vet when you vaccinate your animals.

Why should you vaccinate? Vaccinations are needed to protect your pets from nasty and life-threatening diseases. Sadly, a lot of the diseases your pet can catch if they aren’t vaccinated are fatal in most cases. Even if your pet does get sick and then is able to recover, they will often be left with long-term problems which can put them through a lot of pain and distress and leave you with very costly vet bills.

So when you consider all of this, vaccinating your animals annually, along with regular tick and flea as well and deworming treatments really does give you peace of mind and in the long run it will save you money!

If you have missed some vaccinations, please don’t panic but you do need to rectify this as soon as possible and we encourage you talk to your vet for advice on your pet’s needs – TODAY!

To download the CAT Shot Schedule please click here

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