Cluny 2nd Hand Sales & Auctions

It’s all the rage to have a Facebook page like this…so we did one too! Raising money to fund our work is ongoing and we are always looking for ways to make it fun and different. Although we aren’t leading the pack on this one, we noticed that there were a variety of rescues and welfares that have started separate Facebook pages to sell or auction quality items (both brand new and second hand) that have been donated to them. So, we thought…what a great idea and we have started one as well!

If you are a regular Cluny Animal Trust supporter, please do like and follow this page. We will only be posting to this page, as and when we have items that we think we can sell or auction. These items will not appear on our regular Facebook page, so if you aren’t following this specific page, then you may miss out on grabbing an amazing bargain!

If you have anything you would like to donate to us that we can sell on this page, please do contact

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