Spay and Neuter Your Pets

Are You a Litter Bug? Reasons Why You MUST Sterilise Your Pets.

We thought that this infographic was important.These stats are quite frankly horrifying! But it makes sense and puts into the perspective why there are 100s of animals on Facebook right now that animal rescue organisations across South Africa are desperate to find homes for.

Pet overpopulation is a very serious problem and to put these stats into perspective if we were to solve the problem right this minute… you would go home tonight and have 15 dogs and 45 cats in your house… just imagine if you are a family of 4 that would mean that you would have 60 dogs and 180 cats in your house tonight!

When you think about it like this, the question is why take on a puppy or a kitten and then not do the right thing by keeping their vaccinations up-to-date and making sure that your pet is sterilised. You can counter, that it is expensive but there are many organisations across SA offering low cost sterilisations or why not chat to your local vet about a discount (you will never know if you don’t ask) or perhaps chat about a lay away plan (we have heard about this being done)…there really is no excuse!

Not sterilising your pet is not just about unwanted litters but there are also a number of diseases that they can catch/spread… don’t believe us…check out this article on our website –

As an organisation we sterilise 100s of animals each year – this means that we have helped stop the birth of millions of unwanted animals!

So, this infographic is to get you thinking and if you are guilty of having a pet in your home that is unsterilised we urge you to make a plan and get this done ASAP!

To download the infographic please click here

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