Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

When you team up with the Cluny Animal Trust as a Corporate Sponsor, you open the door to a variety of possibilities for your business. Together, we will work with you so that we can create positive change within our community, help control the animal population, promote animal care education which will ultimately help to improve the lives of pets and their families.

Think about it this way, by aligning your business with the Cluny Animal Trust whose ongoing mission is humane animal treatment, veterinary care and ongoing education you will create an incredible and powerful impact by linking your corporate brand to a successful and credible programme that supports the needs of the community.

We offer our Corporate Sponsors a variety of opportunities for exposure throughout the eastern Free State and even further afield. Whether it’s a shout out to your business on our Facebook page or a premier ad spot in our newsletter or your logo featured prominently on Daisy sponsoring the Cluny Animal Trust will help you extend your brand reach on a whole new level.

If you would like to find out more information about our Corporate Sponsorship Packages please click here

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