YES, we always need volunteers! While donating much-needed money is one of the easiest ways to support the Cluny Animal Trust, we appreciate that not everyone has extra cash to spare!

But there are a variety of other ways that you can volunteer and help us out:

Volunteer Your Time

Do you have any veterinarian or animal specific experience?

Whether you are a vet nurse, an animal health technician or anything in between, we could use your time and experience especially during our scheduled outreach programme days.

If you are going to be in our area (at any time during the year) and you have any time to spare we would really love to hear from you and you can get in touch with Imogen Tarita – imogen@clunyanimaltrust.co.za

I don’t have any animal experience, but I really want to help!

If you don’t have any veterinary or animal experience…don’t panic, we could still use your help!  We always need volunteers to help us on our fundraising or market days and it is a case of many hands make light work!

Please email iwant2volunteer@clunyanimaltrust.co.za and one of our Volunteer Co-Ordinator’s will be in touch with you directly.

I don’t live locally but I still want to help, how can I?

How about donating your talents? For example, if you are a genius with a sewing machine, how about making warm blankets or dog beds for those freezing cold Free State winters…or perhaps you love working with leather and can help us to make much-needed dog collars?

Or are you a born organiser or event coordinator? How about organising a local pet food or supply drive?  Donations like this are very much appreciated!

If you can help us, then please email imogen@clunyanimaltrust.co.za

Or use your influence?  Are you an Instagram superstar or an avid Twitter user, or perhaps you have a lot of friends and family on Facebook?  Why not use your personal social media presence to support the Cluny Animal Trust?

Sometimes it is simply a case of who you know…perhaps you have a famous friend or relative that is passionate about animal welfare?  Or perhaps you know a head honcho at a major corporate who is looking for a charity to sponsor?  We would love to have a celebrity endorsement or to have a regular corporate sponsor so if you can help us please email imogen@clunyanimaltrust.co.za

Really there is no end to the possibilities for volunteers, all are welcome, and we will never turn anyone away who simply asks, ‘what can I/we do to help?’

But if none of these options work for you there is always one last way you can help us…show up and have fun!  We host fundraising events per year along with market days in and around the Clarens and Fouriesburg areas.

These events are highlighted on our Home Page and are also advertised in our quarterly newsletters as well as on our Facebook and Instagram pages. There is nothing more satisfying that having a big crowd at one of our fundraising events so please join us, because we would love to see you there!

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